It is a procedure to correct the fall or ptosis of the breast. The amount of breast tissue changes proportional to weight, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. The ligaments and the duct system in the mammary gland will stretch and the breast will descend.

The fall of the breasts results from the decrease in the volume of the parenchyma and the type of skin and support structures that do not retract but rather yield to the force of gravity. Therefore the breast or mammary gland adopts a lower position in the thoracic wall thus losing its youthful appearance. However, the characteristic of an adult and healthy woman involves a slight fall of this breast which differentiates it from the developing breast of an adolescent.

The Mastopexy seeks several objectives such as relocating the areola and the nipple in a higher position, improving the shape of the breast, either reorganizing the breast parenchyma or, if this is not enough, placing a prosthesis to restore the volume. Finally, Mastopexy seeks to locate as best as possible the scars that are necessary to improve the tension of the skin.

Multiple surgical techniques can be used, the choice of which will depend on the quality of the skin, the volume of the breast parenchyma and the size and position of the areola. If the skin is very flaccid, with stretch marks, it means that it has lost its elastic capacity, which will require larger scars. If the gland is very atrophic, that is, with a very small size after breastfeeding or weight loss. In these cases, it is difficult to give volume to the mammary gland without the use of a prosthesis. As for the areola it can be equally flaccid, so the resulting scars can be easily enlarged.


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