Fat deposits in the body are aimed at reserving energy and protecting bone prominences. These are distributed according to a pattern that are genetically predetermined. In general, women make more peripheral fat accumulations; that is, they accumulate in the hip and abdomen. In the android pattern, in men, the deposit of fat occurs intrabdominally.


It is important to inform your Plastic Surgeon about the use of medications (contraceptives, aspirin, thyroid hormone substitution, etc.), as well as about diseases (phlebitis in the legs, digestive disorders, recent flu states, endocrinological alterations or your general health etc.) .), that may influence the procedure. If you have decided to have surgery, your plastic surgeon will give you a series of presurgical instructions about the foods you should eat, avoid alcoholic beverages and some drugs. If you smoke, avoid it at least 2 weeks before surgery. It should not be exposed before and after surgery to the sun because it favors inflammation and pigment accumulation in the scar.

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