Procedure designed to remove excess skin from the face and correct facial angles that may be altered by the effects of gravity, aging of both the skin and bone.

Over the years, the loss of skin elasticity, exposure to the sun, the effect of gravity and the repetitive effect of some features of facial expression make the skin relax. This creates an excess of skin, which is lax, accentuating the folds or wrinkles and losing the angles of the facial contour. On the other hand resorption of the bones of the face is observed over the years, especially making the jaw and cheeks less prominent and favoring the descent of the skin.

Ritidoplasty does not intend to stop the process of facial aging, it only disguises it by understanding the elements of aging. It may require removing excess skin, smoothing fine lines (wrinkles) by tightening the skin and musculature of the face and re-creating the right angles in the face. Since there is bone resorption, it may require facial fillers, osteotomies or placement of prostheses in areas such as the chin.



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